Price list of dental services

Name Price (PLN)
Conservative Treatment
light-cured composite filling 120 - 170
tooth restoration 200 - 280
restoration with the use of glass-fiber pin 350
endodontic treatment 250 - 350
scaling + sandblasting + fluoridation 150
sealing 50
whitening 550
reconstruction of the occlusal height (with the use of composite) 750
porcelain fused-to-metal crown 550
all-ceramic crown 1200
porcelain veneers 1200
overlay - composite build up 600
acrylic denture 350 - 750
skeletal denture 1600
attachments (clasps, locks) 550
denture relining 300
crown-root inlay 300
(anti-bruxism) nightguard 300
Dental Surgery
extraction 130 - 150
sewing 30
removal of gum-socket over a wisdom tooth 100
periapical X-ray (radiovisiography) 30

* The prices may differ slightly from those listed above because of individual differences in treatment. The exact price of treatment is always agreed with the patient.



If any service is missing in the price list it does not mean that it is not in our offer. Therefore, if you have any questions or doubt, call us. We are happy to answer all your questions.


We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the available means of payment offered in our dental practice. All information can be found by moving to the tab "Useful Information" or by clicking here.

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